As wireless text messaging (SMS) has grown into a mainstream communication tool for consumers, reaching them via KINGSMS marketing has become increasingly important strategy for businesses. Whether between two people planning to meet up or a broadcast message to thousands of users, more and more customers are becoming converts every day, and savvy marketers realize text messaging is a great way to quickly communicate with their audience.
Bulk SMS allows you take advantage of these mobile marketing strategies by:
  • Using a short code to generate subscription without having to pay a high monthly fee to own/maintain it.
  • Enabling people to sign up to your mobile club directly from their cell phone as well as via Web forms.
  • No longer requiring subscribers to give you their carriers as this is automatically determined by the new mobileStorm SMS service.
  • Experiencing improved delivery and much more detailed reports about your KINGSMS marketing campaigns.
  • Engaging in a 2-way interaction with your subscribers, such as asking them questions or prompting a call to action within the message.
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